1 комплект выброса высота плоскости катапульта Glider бумага птицы образования DIY сборки Модель Детская уличная спортивная лучший подарок

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1 set ejection altitude plane catapult glider paper birds educational diy assembly model children's Outdoor sports best gift

High altitude ejection glider launched! The product is easy to carry and simple operation, is a good leisure fitness entertainment toy for all ages! The product assembled launcher hangs to the fuselage on the hook, a hand-held transmitter hand pinch down the rear fuselage, and then quickly release the body will rapid bombs at high altitude; the highest point of the wing to rapidly expand, like a powerful eagle flying in the air. Dance and dance, sometimes sharp dive, filling the air warrior style; occasionally a beautiful turn, interpretation of a rare blue sky drift".

This section of the aircraft production is simple, the product has a detailed text and graphic description, the general children can be completed independently.

With the ejection handle, can be ejected to a height of 30 meters and wings to glide, smooth glide attitude.aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()


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